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The Doctor/Technician For Guitar, Bass, Amp, Cables & Connections.


Welcome......And thank you taking a look, I hope you find the site helpful and my guitar repair service is something you will use in the future.....Please use the above menu to find more details about my services.

About: info about me and this service, Contact: finding me/contact details.

A New Guitar or a few months old

Most guitar manufacturers ship their guitars with only a basic quality assurance (QA) and generic set-up before shipping. The action (string height) is often higher than needs to be, the string type and intonation are not always to the requirements of the individuals playing style.

Guitars take a few weeks to settle down from being shipped to the instrument retailer and then to your home. Temperature and humidity affects all types’ of timber and especially your guitar. So having your guitar or bass set up to its maximum potential will greatly improve the playability and enjoyment.

A recent second hand, internet purchase or just an old dusty attic find

A set-up is relatively inexpensive operation, having your guitar or bass play to its maximum potential, the optimum action, intonation and feel, just right for your playing style. Treat your old favourite or recent second hand purchase to a five star service, so it plays and looks like a brand new instrument.

Amp, Cables and connections causing you pains!

My service just not only looks after your guitar health needs, but also your cables and connections! Also you amp.... be it valve or transister.

If it’s you guitar, effect pedals, pedal board, speaker, amp connections or foot switch causing you pains then the doctor can help. Even you PA cabling and connection can be taken care of. Just give me a call!


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For the latest information and examples of my work please visit The Guitar Medicine Man facebook page with the link below....


If you’re having irritations or niggling ailments with your guitar, then the doctor can help! A potion for most symptoms, I'll have your treasured instrument up and running in no time.


Those dusty worn out components can seriously affect the tone, clarity and playability of your guitar. So whether your guitar needs a general service, setup, or fault finding - then don’t hesitate, call for a appointment!


All types of stringed instruments can be taken care of: electric guitars, semi-acoustic, acoustic, basses, etc. My services can offer everything from a simple restring to a full blown restoration or project build. I commonly provide restrings, setups, replacing hardware, upgrading pickups, electric servicing and fret dressing. Also can look after your amp be it valve or transister.

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