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The Doctor/Technician For Guitar, Bass, Amp, Cables & Connections.

Guitar Restringing

Standard Bass, Acoustic or Electric: £12

Classical guitar (takes more time due to nylon characteristics): £15.00

12 string Acoustic: £15.00

6 to 8 string electric with Locking trem: £15.00


(With the above prices you need to add string cost)

Guitar Electrics Service                        From £20.00 + Parts

This includes tightening off jack socket, volume and tone pots.

Re-soldering of jack socket, soldering dry joints, volume and tone pot cleaning, selector switch contact cleaning when dusty, noisy or crackly.

Basic Setup                                            £40 + strings

This involves restringing, action, intonation, neck relief check with basic adjustment.


Standard Setup                                      £50 + strings

Guitar valet: general dust, clean and polish of the hardware, neck and body. Clean fret board, polishing frets and treat with lemon oil.

Restring: fitting strings to your choice of type and gauge.

Setting the Action: (height of the strings) Adjustment of the bridge saddle or saddles for clarity of tone and ease of playing.

Truss-Rod Reset/ adjustment: optimise the curvature of the neck relative to string gauge and tension.

Setting the Intonation: (adjustment of scale length) for accuracy of pitch from the 1st fret all the way to the highest.

Setting the Pickup & Pole piece Heights: for balance of tone and output level, to minimise magnetic interference (wolf-tones).

Tremolo Adjustment: (where applicable) for smooth operation and tuning stability.

Deluxe Setup                                   From £60 + Parts + Strings

Hardware check and service: Checking all screws, nuts, bridge, pickups and machine heads (light oiling if required).

Guitar electrics service

Guitar valet


Setting the Action

Truss-Rod adjustment

Setting the Intonation

Setting the Pickup & Pole piece Heights

Tremolo Adjustment

Additional Work/ Services                    £17.50 per hour


Light fret dressing, polish and setup from £65 inc general setup.

Full refret from £180 including general setup + parts.

Nut and bridge saddle replacement from £30 + parts.

Volume and tone pot replacement from £17.50 + Parts.

Guitar rewiring of electrics, hardware upgrade or replacement,

pickup upgrades, replacement, repair and fault finding from £17.50 per hour,

Structural, neck breaks and finish repairs from £60, please call for quote.

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